This week, Rise Products founder, Bertha Jimenez, was featured in the ‘New York Academy of Sciences’ in a piece dedicated to the way researchers are working with businesses to develop innovative ways to reduce organic waste as one of the largest component of landfills. Cohort Two member Rise Products is a food-tech startup that upcycles byproducts into ingredients. By collecting brewer’s spent grain and using a patent-pending process, Rise turns it into a flour to sell to bakers, chefs, and food manufacturers as a tasty, sustainable, transparent and low-carb source of plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber.

Bertha Jimenez wasn’t a beer drinker when she came across spent grain for the first time. A mechanical engineer by training and now the CEO of Rise Products, Jimenez recounted her tour of Brooklyn Brewery, a craft beer brewery located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.Y. “I’m interested in how waste from one industrial activity is usable in another,” she said. “So as we walked around the plant, I wanted to know what happened to the source grains after the beer was made.” Within a year, Jimenez founded Rise, a start-up that converts spent grain into specialty flours sold directly to bakeries.”

Learn more about Rise Products and how they are working to challenge food waste in the NYAS “Reducing the Nation’s Waste Line” feature here.