SecondMuse’s M-Corps is the statewide incubator, funded by NYSERDA, that helps New York cleantech startups manufacture and get to market faster. Now in its second year, M-Corps is excited to announce our new cohort!

Actasys commercializes small actuators that generate strong jets of air to improve efficiencies in a wide range of industries and applications. Our first product, the ActaJet, is an electronically-controlled system to clean automotive sensors and cool electronics.

Enertiv is the single platform upon which commercial real estate portfolios manage and streamline their building operations. Our product has the ability to affordably capture more data per building to deliver actionable insights and industry best practices to stakeholders from the boardroom to the boiler room.

Folia Materials invented a patented green chemistry process to use large-scale paper machinery to manufacture low-cost, nano-metal functionalized materials that unlock new mass-market consumer goods business models.

At Heat Inverse, we make durable metamaterials that cool passively and increase the efficiencies of many systems, like refrigerated trucking, high-power electronics, power generation and storage, buildings, and transportation. Think air conditioning in a thin film.

Rise is a food-tech startup that upcycles byproducts into ingredients. We collect brewer’s spent grain and using our patent-pending process, turn it into a flour that we sell to bakers, chefs, and food manufacturers as a tasty, sustainable, transparent and low-carb source of plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber.

Teratonix, a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off, focuses on developing and commercializing innovative RF energy harvesting technologies to provide a battery-less, maintenance-free, clean and remote charging solution for IoT sensors, wearables, and implanted active medical devices.

The Upcycle is a Class-1 electric bike purpose-built for high capacity, commercial use. All in a versatile and approachable format. We’re on a mission to develop a vehicle that meets the challenges of transportation and deliveries in crowded cities.


New Cohort