What is M-Corps?

A virtual manufacturing program designed to support NY-based cleantech startups to get to market faster by reducing headaches associated with manufacturing. Participating companies will have access to a team of manufacturing experts ranging from product and package designers to sourcing agents and engineers, a cohort of peers, suppliers, opportunities to showcase and more. You’ll get weekly one-on-one sessions to help think through your most critical problems, monthly sessions with a dedicated manufacturing team and lifelong support from a statewide network of resources. Opportunities to meet manufacturing partners, a demo day and access to a network of prototyping and engineering spaces are also included. There is no cost to participate. No equity is taken. The program runs from November 2018 – December 2019.

What is cleantech?

Cleantech describes any process, product, or service that reduces harmful environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy, energy storage, transportation, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities including integrating smart technology into homes, buildings, cities, and grids.

Do I have to manufacture in New York?

No. While the program hopes to increase manufacturing in New York state, it is not required to join the program.

Should I apply?

Are you developing a product that reduces or has the potential to reduce energy use and you expect to manufacture in the next year? Do you have a team working to build your product and company? Do you have access to funding to support your prototype and manufacturing process? Are you based in NY state? If so, YES, you should absolutely apply! If not, sign up for our mailing list and stay tuned for manufacturing events we’ll be hosting for you throughout the year.

What do companies in the M-Corps program get?

As a selected startup, you will receive one-on-one attention to help you navigate and make critical decisions throughout the manufacturing process. M-Corps’ support includes but is not limited to access to technical experts and materials to guide you, access to suppliers and manufacturers, coaching and prep to make meaningful connections with potential suppliers, access to the NYSERDA network of programs and resources, opportunities to demo and showcase what you are doing to interested investors, partners and supplies, subsidies to support development of your product and contributions toward manufacturing runs on an as-needed basis. There will be weekly engagement both in-person and virtual from November 2018 through fall of 2019. Startups will also receive Dragon Innovation’s Product Planner for free. Typically priced at $250 per month, M-Corps startups gain access to Product Planner as well as engineering support throughout the program. Learn more about Product Planner here.

Why does M-Corps exist?

After years of working with hardware startups and hundreds upon hundreds of conversations with founders, it’s clear: manufacturing is confusing, a difficult, expensive, time consuming, painful, and sometimes even a fatal endeavor for a startup. Miscalculations, faulty designs and bad decisions can put a startup under and prevent innovation from getting to market. M-Corps is designed to help cleantech companies discover what they don’t know about manufacturing in order to prepare and navigate getting their product made more easily.


M-Corps is New York State’s first cleantech manufacturing program. We are currently recruiting technical experts to mentor startups in the following areas: design-for-manufacturing, industrial design, sourcing, supply chain, logistics, inventory management, fundraising and investment, operations. If you’d like to join M-Corps’ statewide coalition, apply below! (Applications for startups are closed.)