M-Corps: helping cleantech startups manufacture and get to market. We are currently seeking manufacturing experts.

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As a startup, it’s hard to know what you don’t know. M-Corps has been designed with the startup founder in mind. Get your product manufactured: easier, faster, cheaper, and with fewer headaches. M-Corps is proudly supported by Dragon Innovation.

The Landscape

M-Corps, a manufacturing program by SecondMuse in NYC, and NextCorps in Rochester, is the newest edition to NYSERDA’s cleantech startup suite of programs. M-Corps focuses on getting founders through the Valley of Death to launch pilots, fulfill first orders, and get new cleantech products to market. NYSERDA funds a number of programs to take cleantech ideas from concept to market across the globe.

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A customized team to help you manufacture

M-Corps will equip a select cohort of cleantech startups with a statewide manufacturing team – from product and package designers to engineers and supply chain experts. M-Corps startups will know what to expect from the manufacturing process, connect with appropriate experts at critical times. Get your product designed, refined and made faster.

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Our Mission

To provide technical support throughout the manufacturing process so that founders feel more confident, make fewer mistakes, and are able to scale up production to meet customer and client needs now and in the future. From early design for manufacturing, to refining a prototype, to negotiating partner and supplier agreements, to logistics management, M-Corps is dedicated to helping navigate time-sensitive, critical decisions throughout the full manufacturing process.

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Why M-Corps?


Improve Your Manufacturing Plan

Build a manufacturing roadmap with the support of technical experts and secure resources and partners to help make it a reality.


Manage Process

Understand and select the tools to manage the manufacturing process. Get feedback and support to put together a document package to seamlessly manufacture your product.


Improve and Finalize the Design

Refine the prototype and design for manufacturing. Incorporate product testing and certification.


Select the Right Partners

Select, communicate, and negotiate your manufacturing run with suppliers and partners. With the help of experts who have been through it, consider the logistics of how all the pieces come together. Visit manufacturers across the state to find the right fit for you.


Make Customers Happy

Prepare your distribution, quality assurance, logistics and fulfillment plans to deliver on high quality, on time to your customers. M-Corps will help speed up the time between pilot prototype and final delivery.


Scale Up Production

Embed learnings to develop both short and long-term plans to sustain the quality, reliability, and financial growth of your manufacturing company.

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M-Corps is New York State’s first cleantech manufacturing program. We are currently recruiting technical experts to mentor startups in the following areas: design-for-manufacturing, industrial design, sourcing, supply chain, logistics, inventory management, fundraising and investment, operations. If you’d like to join M-Corps’ statewide coalition, apply below! (Applications for startups are closed.)


Sponsors and Partners

SecondMuse’s partners and sponsors are visionaries who are building 21st century economies. Together, we are dedicated to growing cleantech innovation in New York State, making it easier to get innovative products to market and planning for a more sustainable future. If you would like to join us, reach out via the contact section in the footer.